- Button; organized by colours and models in pattern book, so you choose them better. We have more than 2000 models . We range all the colours , we renovate models every season.

- BURDA fashion pattern collection, the firm create two
catalogues; spring-summer and autumn-winter.

- Lapel flowers , range models , and even if you bring us a
piece of cloth we make for you the creation that you want. - Now we offer you a new collection of fringes, lace
edging,tassels and brains in gold and silver finish. For
made your religious labours.

- Buckles: fantasy ones, metalic ones, for men, in paste, clasps...

- Zips of the japanese firm YKK, nowadays leader in the zip industry (invisibles, nylon, metalics, with divider) up to 5 meters long.

- More than 300 clours in Gutermann sewing thread, in all of them presentations. We also offer you the most representative firms of cotton thread: Cometa, Herradura, Japones.

- Range pattern book of ironadhesive appliqué : for child, sport, for women, in fantasy, for the baby...

- Valenccienes, national and imported embroiderings, macrame,guipour, handmade lace set of bed.

- Of Course we offer you a great selection of harberdasher"s articles: braids , coverpoints, elbow patch, rubber, professional scissors, rubbers, fasteners, hook and
eye... Everything you need for pattern and make up your clothes.

You put your imagination, we provide the rest.

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